• Seattle Houseboats For Sale On Lake Union

    Seattle Houseboats For Sale On Lake Union

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    Curious About Current Floating Homes Average $$$ Per Sq. Ft.?

    In the Seattle houseboats arena, only looking at  Seattle floating homes for sale right now with owned moorage on Lake Union.  These are only the floating homes which have some form of slip ownership on the lake – NOT month to month:

    Of all the Seattle houseboats for sale, these  are the floating homes with owned moorage  only and I will explain why a little further down…  These Seattle houseboats are also LISTED floating homes in the MLS and do not account for any unlisted Seattle homes for sale. We do have an idea about what is also going on behind the scenes so please let us know if you need info about those as well.  Seattle floating homes and Seattle waterfront homes are a specialty niche market which we happen to be in so please let us know what you are looking for. Chances are we will see it before it is listed in the MLS.     These current active Seattle floating homes in the MLS range in list price beginning at  $1,800,000 for two floating homes listed – one in Westlake and one in Portage Bay to $2,685,000 just listed in Eastlake.

    As of today, the average days on market for these five Seattle floating homes is 19 days on market with a range of cumulative days on market of 6 day for Roanoke Reef to just 26 days.

    Price range:  $1,800,000 – $2,685,000

    Average Days on Market: 19 days

    Neighborhoods available:  Eastlake, Westlake, Portage Bay

    Average Dollar Per Sq Foot:  $1454.04  with a range of $1200/sq ft for our gorgeous Westlake floating home listing to $1757.81 for a floating home in Portage Bay.

    You can see the details here:  seattle floating homes market

    Why Take Into Account only Seattle Floating Homes with owned moorage on Lake Union?

    Seattle houseboats

    Value and Security are a very careful consideration when purchasing on the lake and only homes with owned moorage offer this to you.  There has been a very long history of back and forth between the city and state and any floating homes on the water so as a houseboats owner, you should definitely purchase securely by purchasing a home with an owned slip on the lake.  Lake Union floating homes and other Seattle houseboats are formed on docks that are preferably fee simple, condo, or co-op. A longer lease is also acceptable to a lender, but homes with leases are worth less because the value on Lake Union has typically been in the slip.

    As a result of this, Seattle floating homes with owned moorage are more valuable and also a more secure form of ownership so the above numbers are all in reference to floating homes with secure slips – whether on a condo or a co-op organized dock.  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I personally would only consider a floating home or houseboat that was moored in an owned slip, but there could be an opportunity if the price were right to purchase a floating home or other type of houseboat  if there was a possibility to also purchase the slip in which it sits.  The important part of this is knowing how to determine the value of the slip and the home separately because the value is usually heavily weighed in the slip’s favor. Historical sales in the MLS and privately have shown that a floating home or other type of houseboat is essentially a depreciating asset without the slip attached to it.

    Our favorite Seattle floating homes for sale right now:

    Molly and I are partial because three of the five of the above Seattle floating homes for sale are represented by us, but they are in fact fabulous so I will talk about them as our favorites anyway. In addition, we have two really great slips in Portage Bay for sale for $950,000 ready for you to build your dream home – dream new construction floating home that is! We have a cool one for sale in each Lake Union neighborhood!

    Westlake:  2420 Westlake Ave N #13  – deep water moorage for a 32 foot boat here! This is a 2 bedroom 1.75 bath 1500 square foot floating home with big views and excellent Seattle waterfront living. $1,800,000

    Eastlake:  2339 Fairview Ave E #O  – tie your boat up here, too!  Coveted and hard to find three bedroom floating home on well managed Tenas Chuck dock.  Three bedroom, 1.5 baths 1350 square feet, Beautiful views including sought after Space Needle, and more – second from the end of the dock! $2,250,000seattle afloat

    Portage Bay:  3146 Portage Bay Pl E #J – New construction and condo ownership with parking! Three bedroom floating home with 2.5 baths. Come experience the peaceful serenity of life on Lake Union’s eastern most boundary, Portage Bay which was featured as the geographic location of choice on the recent 2016 Seattle Floating Homes Association Tour.  $1,998,000

    We are happy to help you buy or sell your home.  Call/Text Molly Cartwright or Courtney Cooper for more info 206-841-6800/206-850-8841 houseboats@cooperjacobs.com

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