• Seattle Houseboats: Floating Homes Update

    Seattle floating homes

    Wards Cove Luxury Floating Home Offered for $3,200,000 call/text Molly for a private showing or more info: 206.841.6800

    Seattle Houseboats: Floating Homes Update

    A lot of great Seattle houseboats news right now! The real estate market for Lake Union homes is in the peak of it’s season.  Last night’s Lake Union 4th of July fireworks show always marks the start of the race to finish the season off strong, but this year there may be an extra push since the Seattle Floating Homes Tour put on by the Seattle Floating Homes Association is scheduled for September 11th.  The floating homes tour:  Molly and I volunteer on this tour and have in the previous tours as well. It’s a special event on Lake Union and well worth the minimal ticket price if you are interested in our beloved Seattle Floating Homes community.

    Seattle Houseboats

    Eastlake Floating Homes for sale – This one is listed at $650,000. It is pending as of the sate of this writing.

    In honor of the upcoming 2016 Seattle Floating Homes Tour, let’s look at the Seattle Floating Homes Real Estate Market.  (This is the floating homes only portion of the Seattle Houseboats for sale real estate market – No Barges, vessels, or other Floating On Water Residences (FOWR)

    Update 7/6/2016:  Glad I got interrupted during this first paragraph on stats to put a couple more of these  Seattle floating homes in escrow during writing this post, so now I can give you the updated stats as of today. Currently there are  six   FOUR  Seattle floating homes for sale in the MLS which range in price from $475,000 to $3,200,000 with an average price of $1,181,250  $1,332,375 and a median price of $824,750 $812,250.  The average days on market for these is 63 55 days and the average dollar per square foot is $1,001.14 $1,010.23.

    Pending Seattle Floating Homes For Sale:

    portage Bay floating homesThere are 3 Pending and 2 Pending Inspection. Of those five Pending floating homes in escrow, Molly and I are responsible for three of the sales. The pending and pending inspection floating homes range in price from $650,000 to $959,000.  Two of these are our listings.  2331 Fairview Ave E #X and 1213 E Shelby St #6.

    Seattle Floating Homes Sold in Last 30 Days:

    I am attaching the details of these as well  (Seattle floating homes sold 07062016), but there have been some interesting sales on the Lake.

    1213 E Shelby St #12   – The Shelby Dock.  What a great place – peaceful and serene with an upgraded state of the art dock in the works for the future. This Portage Bay floating home was listed for $798,000 and closed at $725,000  (90.85% of list price) on 6/30/2016 after being on the market for 37 days.

    2019 Fairview Ave E #N:  On The Log Foundation dock in Eastlake and affectionately known as the “Hobbit House”, this iconic Lake Union floating home was listed at $785,000 and closed on 6/20/2016 for $770,000 (98.09% of list) after being on the market this time for 68 days.

    2219 Fairview Ave E #2: Part of The Dox Coop, this 1297 square foot home is quite beautiful and boasts a concrete float. Listed and sold for $950,000, is closed in escrow on 6/14/2016.

    2339 Fairview Ave E #N:  Tenas Chuck.  One of the finest Eastlake floating homes I have seen in a while, this was an incredible house and no wonder it sold for far more than anyone on the lake anticipated.  Listed at $1,795,000 and after 6 days on the market sold for a cool $2,000,000 (111.42% of list price!!!) 1367 square feet, 1 bedroom, 1 bath. That calculates out to $1,463.06/sq ft.  which is usually a number in a range reserved for end of dock floating homes, Wards Cove floating homes, Fairview Landing Floating Homes, and Roanoke Reef floating homes.

    Overall Impression of the market for 2016 so far? Strong, but there is still room to negotiate in some cases. Please let us know if you are interested in buying or selling your Seattle floating home.

    Molly Cartwright 206-841-6800  Molly@CooperJacobs.com 

    Courtney Cooper 206-850-8841  Courtney@CooperJacobs.comSeattle Afloat

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