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    Seattle HouseboatsThe Lake Union homes market is interesting right now.  There are Seattle Houseboats For Rent and there are a number of Seattle Houseboats for sale as well.  Interestingly enough only one of those houseboats is a Seattle floating home.  The other Seattle houseboats for sale are vessels types/ house barges aka Floating On-Water Residences.  Here are the basics of the market as to what is for sale now.  If you want a floating home, then the only one available is on the Wards Cove dock and well over the three million dollar listing mark.

    If you want to look at Seattle houseboats for rent, then there are three Eastlake floating homes for rent currently. Other than that, you can find most of the other Seattle houseboats for sale at Seattle Marina or Gas Works Park Marina. Again, these are not floating homes, but the other segment of houseboats known in Seattle as Floating On-Water Residences (BTW, If you would like the long story on how this complicated label came to be then please feel free to reach out for more info). These vessel type houseboats for sale in the MLS range in price from $240,000 to $974,000.

    Are there other Seattle Houseboats for sale around the lake?

    The local MLS does not allow for us to have Seattle houseboat pocket listings, but we do know of off market Seattle houseboats for sale opportunities because we are deeply integrated into the houseboat community, so please let us know if you are curious what is available as far as Seattle houseboats for sale by owner, Seattle houseboats rentals, etc. We do consider ourselves to be a one stop place for all your Lake Union info on Seattle Houseboat Living, the Seattle houseboat tour, and more, plus we are happy to give you more information on where to see Seattle houseboats if you are just in town for a peek. One note on that:  Seattle houseboats for vacation rental are few and far between – quite simply because on most docks they are not allowed.

    Please let us know what you are looking for and we can help you find the right Lake Union home.  We keep a list of prospective buyers, renters, and inventory, and are pretty good at matching up people to property. We look forward to helping you find your perfect place Afloat On Lake Union℠.  206-841-6800  houseboats@cooperjacobs.com

    Thank you in advance sincerely,

    Molly & Courtney

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