• Recent Seattle Houseboats Sales Have Skyrocketed The Market

    Seattle Houseboats Market Performing WellDSC_0011

    Currently as of yesterday, and on the MLS only, Seattle houseboats in the floating homes segment are at the same number of sales for the entire prior year. In addition, there are still pending in escrow sales which have not closed so are not added to the tally yet.  There is still an entire quarter left of this real estate market so look for record setting houseboat sales.  Even the market for Seattle houseoat for rent is extremely strong.

    Seattle Houseboats by the numbers…..

    Please take a moment to look at the following information which has full details of recent sales of Seattle houseboats as well as last year’s sales.  Remember, these are only Seattle houseboats which were (A) in the NWMLS and (B) Floating homes or barges. Because regulations have changed recently, Floating On Water Residences listings were only recently put back in the NWMLS so it makes sense to only look at  Seattle floating homes and housebarges for the year over year data.

    Seattle Houseboats sales 2014

    2015 Seattle houseboats sales

    Seattle houseboats SOLD

    Seattle houseboats market

    If you would like more information, please let us know.  Seattle Houseboats Realtors:  Courtney Cooper & Molly Cartwright 206-841-6800 houseboats@cooperjacobs.com

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