Seattle Houseboats

Seattle Houseboats On Lake UnionSeattle Houseboats in Westlake

We are your experts in  Seattle Houseboats, but also in Barges, Seattle Floating Homes, & all Waterfront Homes in Seattle, including Lake Union, Lake Washington &  across the Puget Sound.  We can help you with all Seattle houseboats for sale including Vessels, barges, and Seattle floating homes for sale right now- You can find all Seattle houseboats listed from all the local real estate companies.

Neighborhoods Where Seattle Houseboats are located:

Eastlake houseboats (The majority of Seattle houseboats classified as floating homes are found in Eastlake  all along Fairview Ave E and Allison)

Westlake houseboats (This is where the Sleepless in Seattle houseboat is located)

Northlake houseboats (Fremont for floating homes and then Floating on water residences at Seattle Martina and Gasworks Park Marina)

University District houseboats (a quaint lease only dock on Boat Street)

Portage Bay Houseboats (Portage Bay is the waterfront area of Capitol Hill, Roanoke – large colony of floating homes here)

Extra Considerations  Should Be Taken When Buying Seattle Houseboats

Seattle houseboatsContract

Rules/Bylaws on the dock

Type Of ownership



Escrow  (Phil Miller closes MOST of the floating homes on the lake)

Please let us know if you would  like to learn more or see one of these Lake Union floating homes or Portage Bay Seattle houseboats.  
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